Coomera River

Coomera River Club Outing - September 2009
There were few cars and trailers in the pale morning light of the car park when Taz and I slipped his well setup tinnie into the river, and quietly motored downstream. I’d seen Denis and Kruger setting up, but at this early hour, there was no evidence of the balance of ten guys fishing the Coomera on this perfect Sunday morning. The tide was low and had just turned no wind and a few clouds, clearing, just before dawn.
Taz had caught a nice size giant herring the day before and he headed the boat towards the same spot, the point of an island where the current split and appealing eddies swirled lazily along the shore line. As Taz stripped line off his first cast, the fly drifted momentarily in the water and to his surprise was attacked by an aggressive Trevally.
I managed to hook a nice flathead on a yellow and white clouser and Taz soon had it netted and landed in the boat for a few pics before release. We drifted with the tide up stream and during the morning met up with the other four boats at one time or another, all fishing hard, and while spirits were high, and any wonder with the weather so perfect, there were no reports of “fish on”.
However when we got back to the ramp, Tom pulled out his camera to show he still had the luck of the Irish, with pics of a bloody huge tailor he had hooked early that morning and Bob had skippered his “esky lid” with his usual proficiency to ensure this leviathan was landed and measured and photographed. Congratulations Tom. Denis quietly admitted he had landed three flathead. Congratulations Denis.
By the time the boats were back on the trailers, Denis had the BBQ set up in the shade of the overpass and an excellent breakfast of sausages and eggs and bacon, catered with the efficiency and style we have come to expect from his creative cooking, and the able assistance of Vince.
Thanks Denis and Vince, it created a perfect venue for everyone to enjoy a well earned coldie and swap a few yarns and jokes, and look at the flies Vince has been tying for Monduran. Some of them I would have happily kept as pets.
So another successful Club outing, good weather, some challenging fishing, and the company of good fishing mates. Bring on the next one.
Article submitted by Brian Kirkley

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